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    Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to donate to your campaign. Share your campaign to ensure you meet your fundraising goals.


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When can I help?

Do you need help finding a child aid project to support? Whether you are fundraising for yourself or your company, find the right moment to launch your campaign. There are plenty of opportunities.

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The money you have raised will go directly towards Terre des hommes’ projects for children. These donations are essential. They help us send children back to school, provide healthcare to children and families, and protect children in humanitarian crises. Mark a special event by offering a vulnerable child a brighter future.

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What is MyTdh?

MyTdh is a fundraising platform created by Terre des hommes. Any individual, company or organisation can launch a fundraising campaign in honour of a special event and stand up for children.

Why launch a campaign?

The funds raised during the campaigns are collected for children in need. You can make a real impact to the lives of vulnerable children by supporting one of our projects. We run child health and child protection programmes for more than 4 million children and their families all over the world.

How does Terre des hommes use donations collected during the campaigns?

You can choose whether you prefer to donate the funds you raise with your campaign to a specific child relief project or let us invest your donation for you, based on our professional assessment of vulnerable children’s most urgent needs.

Tdh has been certified by the ZEWO Foundation. This means that Tdh guarantees your donations will be used fairly and honestly. Tdh spends 81% of all donations directly on projects – and therefore on children. Tdh minimises its administrative costs as far as possible.

What should I do if the cause I wish to support is not available on MyTdh?
To maximise the impact of MyTdh campaigns, we have chosen a number of major projects for you to support. These may change during the year, depending on the current needs of the children we support. If you do not to wish to support any of the selected causes, you can choose to provide general support: the money you raise will be directed to where children need it most.
How long does a campaign last?
You decide how long your campaign lasts. We recommend campaigns that last between two and five weeks.
How can I get my friends, family and colleagues involved?
You can invite your friends, family and colleagues to support your fundraising efforts. Share your campaign on social media or by e-mail using the personalised link sent to you when you set up your campaign. Together, you can make a real difference for children in need.
How can I become a MyTdh Champion
Without our campaigners, MyTdh wouldn't exist. To help you gain visibility and reach your objective, we have set up a gamification process. For every campaign, and every action taken by you or your donors, you will collect points that will help you reach different levels. You can reach three levels as a campaigner on MyTdh: ""MyTdh Friend"" which you become when you collect a minimum of 100 points, ""MyTdh Supporter"" when you reach 1000 points and ""MyTdh Champion"" when you get 3000 points.
How can I collect points on MyTdh?

Each and every action you take will help you collect points to reach the next level.

Here is a list presenting the value of the different actions: "Creation of your first campaign: 50 points Creation of any further campaign: 50 points Your first donation for your own campaign: 50 points For each comment you leave on your campaign ticker: 20 points Each time you uploads photos to your gallery: 10 points (per upload) Each time you share your campaign on social networks : 50 points When you share your campaign by email: 5 points per e-mail address When you reach 20% of your objective: 50 points When you reach 50% of your objective: 100 points When you reach 80% of your objective: 150 points When you reach 100% of your objective: 200 points When you are a company multiplying the donation by two: 50 points When one of your donators creates its own campaign: 50 points"

How can I cancel my campaign?
You can suspend or cancel your campaign at any time on your profile.
I’m having technical problems setting up my campaign. Where can I get help?

You can contact our donor relations department at any time, by e-mail ( or by telephone (+41 58 611 06 11).